MIG Welding Trailer

Alles wird teurer, auch unsere Fachwerkstätten für Fahrzeuge!
Daher Hilf Dir selbst,!
Wir haben den Verein gegründet um anderen zu Helfen das eigene Fahrzeug in Schuß zu halten, dem Hobby Auto gemeinsam zu fröhnen und einfach auch Spass miteinander und am zangln an unseren Fahrzeugen zu haben.

In the video MIG and MAG welding part 1 you can learn about inert gas welding using practical examples.
The optimal welding result depends one hundred percent on the gas flow, wire feed and the correct voltage.
With this video the beginner can practice the most important welding techniques.
But what does the perfect weld seam or the perfect weld point mean and how do you get there?
Before you start welding and you are not yet familiar with the device, it is advisable to weld a few test points.
Furthermore, the hobbyist can acquire one or the other trick for his own workshop.
Techniques such as spot welding, butt weld, fillet weld and round fillet weld are explained in detail.
Welding professionals also developed exercises with which one or the other fault can be analyzed and eliminated.
If the voltage is too low, the arc will not ignite properly. The melt remains very superficial and does not penetrate sufficiently into the sheet.
If the tension is too high, the sheet will melt through very quickly, or a very broad and very high melting point will form.
The craft of MIG and MAG welding is comprehensibly explained on the basis of detailed error analyzes and a detailed explanation of which result arises from which initial situation.

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